Brahms Suite by Brahms


Composer: J. Brahms
For violin, viola, cello, oboe, and bassoon.

There is also a wind quintet version of the same Suite.

Selections include:

  • Quintet, Op. 88, 1st Mov’t
  • How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place
  • Intermezzo, Op. 118, No. 2
  • Serenade #1, Rondo


A few years ago, my quintet was called to play for a wedding, but most of the group was out of town. There were, however, a few string players around, so this quintet combination of strings and winds was created to fill the bill. Much of the music in the compilations below was requested by the bride of that wedding, and I thank her for so “commissioning” some of my favorite arrangements! These works are very versatile, as a flute or clarinet can be substituted for the oboe, or the strings can have these all to themselves by substituting a violin for the oboe and a cello for the bassoon.