Ipu Bags

Carrying A Hawaiian Tradition

Pomaika‘inalani Ipu Bags were created by Sanoe Hunt Takushi, a hula dancer from Pukalani, Maui. After seeing so many ipu being carried in makeshift bags that did not fit the instrument and offered no protection, Sanoe decided to create the ultimate in ipuwear. These bags are based on a design by Sanoe’s grandmother, Dorothy Kapua‘ala Alo, and are very versatile, also suitable as beach bags, daypacks, or general carryalls.

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Ipu Bag Set Large Ipu Bag Small Ipu Bag


  • Available in seven different colors and designs.
  • Each bag is reversible, with kahiko print on one side and ‘auana print on the other.
  • Lined and quilted for durability and protection.
  • Each bag comes with strong webbed shoulder straps, easily transferred from one reversible side to the other, and is equipped with a strong nylon drawstring closure.
  • There are large pockets on both sides of the bag to hold pu‘ili, kala‘au, ‘ili‘ili, and other accessories. Each bag also comes with a separate pad.
  • The small bag is approximately 19″ tall, and the large bag, designed for ipu heke, is about 26” tall.